5 Ways To Tell You Are in The Right Career

5 Ways To Tell You Are in The Right Career


5 Ways To Tell You Are in The Right CareerWe all want a rewarding job or career. If you love what you do you never work a day in your life.

With the average American spending 9-10 hours a day at work ad 40-50 a week, it would be rewarding to find a job where you aren’t miserable.

According to a 2012 report released by Gallup, there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who love their jobs.

So how can you tell if you’re one of the “actively disengaged”? Here’s how to assess your current situation.

1. You wake up energized each morning

You typically jump off your bed each morning and excited to start you day. You don’t hate Mondays and rarely get the Sunday blues.

2. You don’t mind putting in extra effort.

Whatever the day brings, you’re excited and ready to take it on. You are eager to take on new projects and you genuinely look forward to tackling your to-do list each day.

3. You actually enjoy time spent in the office. The day seems to fly by and as you walk into the office and have a happy air about you, an emotion that tends to rub off on the people around them.

4. You can finally afford the things you want.

Though it is not the only reason that makes you happy about your job but money can be one of them. It is great when you have a job that allows you to live the lifestyle you want, or, at least, get close to it.

5. Your positivity flows over to your personal life

You talk about your job all the time and you are eager to grow with the company. You see the company’s goals as your own personal goals

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