1. Why use the Strategic Pursuit Group Job Board?
-We provide a free job search site that gives you access to over a 1500 job postings that are refreshed hourly and exposure to our network of over 1000 recruiters
  1. Is there a cost or fee?
-There is never a charge or fee to you, the candidate
  1. Privacy of info?
– Your registration information is only visible to the Strategic Pursuit Group and our affiliate recruiters.  We will only share your information with an employer after talking to you directly in more detail about the job and receiving your permission to submit the resume.
  1. How often are the jobs updated
  1. How quickly will I be contacted about my resume submittal?
-This is perhaps the most delicate question we answer because there is no accurate timeline we can provide you.  This really depends on the quality/number of resumes received and your skillset match/work history match to the posting.  Honestly it could be hours to possibly not receiving a call.  While this can be discouraging to hear from the candidate perspective it is the reality of the job search process as there is simply not enough time to contact every applicant.
  1. Can I submit my resume even if I don’t see a job match listed?
-Yes you can create a profile and submit your resume to us directly and you can also create job alerts that will let you know when a potential new match has appeared in the system
  1. Can I cancel my profile/alerts?
-Yes, simply send us an email and your information will be removed with 48 hours